Business Excellence


In Dojran Steel the aim is to organize our operations in a way that will lead our company to continuous competitiveness and profitability, high health and safety working standards for our employees and a positive footprint to our environment and society.

In 2018, we have designed and launched our Operational Excellence program, named BEST. The BEST program introduces a workplace philosophy where teamwork, problem-solving, process-thinking and leadership results lead to the ongoing improvement in an organization. The process involves focusing on the customers’ needs, keeping the employees positive and empowered, and continually improving the current workplace activities.

The BEST program ensures excellence in efficiency through continuous improvement in all areas of operations, such as Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Production, Maintenance, Quality, Supply chain, People, Commercial, Finance.

Our Operational Excellence program is committed to the people who are instrumental to our success, our employees: we engage them and constantly develop their capabilities through developmental programs; we foster teamwork, nurture talent, enhance leadership capability and encourage our employees to demonstrate autonomy, passion, entrepreneurship.

Through agreed phases of incremental development in all pillars of BEST, we are establishing sustainable processes and best manufacturing practices in our production processes and supply chain management in order to optimize the delivery of services and product quality to our customers.

Our initiatives are aimed at achieving superior product quality and overall performance, thereby improving efficiency at each stage of operations and improve our customer service levels while achieving operational sustainability.

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