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Established in 2006, Dojran Steel is a subsidiary of the Sidenor Steel Industry SA (Greece) and part of the steel production and trading segment of Viohalco Group.

Dojran Steel provides top-quality steel products for a variety of applications. It is a leading producer of merchant bars in South East Europe and also manufactures rebars, wire mesh, lattice girders, copper coated welding wire, galvanized mesh and double twisted hexagonal mesh. All our products fulfil the latest and the highest quality and safety standards.

Continuous investments in production capacity increasement and modernization, product range expansion and employee professional development and well-being has assured further enhancement of the quality of products and services.

Always emphasizing health and safety at the workplace, Dojran Steel aspires to provide a family spirit for its employees conveying a feeling of safety and stability, inspiring commitment and encouraging productivity and creativity.

Dojran Steel is committed to corporate responsibility principles, aiming at a positive contribution to social and economic development. The company is also focusing on the reduction of its environmental footprint and the adoption of environmentally-friendly methods and techniques.

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