Energy Policy Statement

Dojran Steel is fully committed to making efficient use of energy at its facilities and during its activities, in line with our 3 Pillar Sustainability Model. We believe in preserving natural resources, reducing atmospheric emissions and helping to mitigate the effects of climate change.

This will deliver a healthier and more sustainable environment, as well as associated cost efficiencies, to the benefit of our people, customers and the communities in which we operate.

Management will lead and promote energy efficiency programs, ensuring that Dojran Steel works in accordance with the principles established in our ISO 50001 Energy management system.

Dojran Steel will use this policy as a framework for setting and reviewing energy objectives and targets in order to improve energy performance and reduce the relevant energy sources used. In order to achieve this, Management will ensure the availability of the necessary information and resources.

Dojran Steel is committed to continual improvement in energy performance by improving the use of energy resources at its sites and offices during its activities, throughout their entire life cycle. We will go further and lead by example, pioneering new techniques and optimize existing technologies wherever possible.

Management will support the purchase of energy-efficient products and services, and design for energy performance improvement.

Dojran Steel will ensure compliance with all applicable legal requirements which relate to energy aspects, and other requirements to which the organization subscribes related to energy performance, including energy efficiency and the use and consumption of energy. The company will also encourage the adaption of its operations and facilities to ensure compliance with future legal changes, and will establish common standards for the management of energy efficiency in all areas of the business in which it operates.

In order to promote greater awareness among all of its stakeholders, Dojran Steel will provide them with reliable and transparent information regarding its energy consumption, its corresponding greenhouse gas emissions and the improvement actions undertaken.

Dojran Steel considers compliance with this policy is the responsibility of all individuals who take part in the company’s operations and activities.

This policy shall apply to all Dojran Steel sites and premises and will be communicated to all our employees in order to keep the awareness and commitment at a high level.

The Directors will report on performance and review this Policy on an annual basis.

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