Environmental Footprint Management

Administrative Structure for Environmental Protection

A department for the environment has been included in the organizational chart in the company’s production plant, and operates with the objective to implement the Environmental Management System, to monitor environmental programs and to proceed to the approval of environmental conditions. The management is informed directly by the competent executives about environmental protection issues and monitors the implementation of the environmental policy.

Training in Environmental Issues

The successful implementation of the environmental policy and the creation of an environmentally-minded culture can only be achieved through the active participation of all. To this end, the company provides training to its staff on issues of environmental management (e.g. environmentally safe management of raw materials and waste, energy and water preservation, applicable legislation, etc.).

Investments and Expenses

The management of the company provides the resources necessary for the protection of the environment. To ensure the upgrading of infrastructures and the ongoing improvement of its performance in that respect, significant investments are made annually.


The nature of the company’s operations requires that raw and other materials are transported by suppliers to its premises, and that finished products are transported to distributors/customers. Moreover, transportation is required for the commuting of staff and some executives needs to go on business trips.

­­A series of practices have been established which among the other benefits they provide, also lead to the reduction of CO2 emissions and of other impacts the transportation of people has on the environment.

  • transportation of staff by rented and/or company buses,
  • recruiting staff from local communities.
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