Merchant Bars

Dojran Steel, as a producer of merchant bars, keeps a complete range of small and medium range products in stock, thus ensuring very short delivery times to all markets.

By complying with the procedures and best practices in accordance with high efficiency operations and in line with the Business Excellence Program of Sidenor Group, the following advantages are ensured:

  • Excellent product quality
  • Cost efficiency
  • Stock planning optimization
  • Short delivery times
  • Production flexibility
  • Efficient logistics operations
Type Range
Squares Side length (a) from 9 to 40mm
Flats Width (d) from 20 to 140mm
Thickness (s) from 3 to 25mm
Rounds Diameter (d) from 9 to 45mm
Equal Angles Leg length from 20 to 60mm
Leg thickness from 2.5 to 8mm
UPN Channels Section height 30mm
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