Conference “Quality reinforcing steel – safe buildings”

The quality of the construction materials and the manner of their use affect the safety of the buildings

Skopje, 28.05.2019 – Quality of construction materials is very crucial for the safety of the buildings and the public works. Additionally the development of the domestic construction industry in largely depends on the quality of the materials. In our country there is quality production of construction materials, including reinforcing steel, but strengthened and effective control of the quality and properties of all materials which are imported and offered on the market is needed.

This is one of the key points and commitments of the participants at the conference “Quality reinforcing steel – safe buildings”, organized by Dojran Steel, a leading producer of steel products for various purposes, in cooperation with the Faculty of Civil Engineering, the Standardization Institute of the Republic of North Macedonia, the Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology, the Association of Civil Engineering, the construction materials and non-metals industry within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia and the Chamber of Certified Architects and Certified Engineers.

“As a leading producer of steel products and reinforcing steel in Southeast Europe, we at Sidenor Steel Industry, where Dojran Steel belongs since 2006, pay special attention to all our products so they will meet the latest and highest standards for quality and safety. This is our strategic commitment and in order to fulfill it we continually invest in increasing and modernizing the production capacity, in the professional development of our employees, as well as in innovations and expanding the offer of products. In accomplishing this mission, we greatly appreciate the cooperation with the institutions, experts and other companies in the construction industry,” said the Plant Manager of Dojran Steel, Michael Konstantinidis. “The main motive for organizing this conference is to contribute to raising awareness in the whole society about the importance of using high quality construction materials and respecting the highest construction standards in order to have safe residential buildings, but also other buildings throughout the country,” stressed Mr. Konstantinidis.

In order to provide the highest guarantees for the safety of all buildings, continuous education of everyone involved in the construction chain is needed, starting from the investors, designers, contractors, all the way to the users of the buildings, the experts are decisive.

“Everyone involved in the construction process must know and consistently comply with the rules, procedures and standards that relate to the design, the choice of the construction materials and their quality, as well as the manner of their incorporation in the buildings. The cost of any improvisations or compromises in the construction is far too great and directly affects the safety of the buildings. We should always keep this in mind, especially because we live in a seismically active area,” says the professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Skopje, Goran Markovski.

The participants at the conference agreed that, in addition to efficient quality control of the construction materials offered on the market and the way they are used in the construction, it is necessary to complete the standardization process, especially in the part of the reinforcing steel, thus the domestic regulations in this area will be fully harmonized with that of the European Union.

“The construction industry is one of the drivers of the country’s economic development. Therefore, it is good that this industry branch relies on strong companies that have the capacity, knowledge and great experience and who are continually investing in the production of quality construction materials. As a line ministry, we are determined and committed to fully harmonize and consistently apply the highest European standards in this field, which are a guarantee for quality and safe construction,” said Minister of Transport and Communications Goran Sugareski.

Welcoming the initiative of Dojran Steel for organizing this type of conference, the participants in the discussion pointed out that the communication between the business sector, the institutions and the professional public must continue in the future, so that all stakeholders, with their active participation in the processes, can contribute for more successful monitoring and application of the contemporary trends in the construction industry, as well as finding effective solutions for the challenges in its development.

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