Efficient Use of Natural Resources, Air Emissions & Waste Management


Water Usage

Water is a valuable resource and using it efficiently is everybody’s obligation. The company takes all the necessary steps to rationalize its usage and to limit the quantities required at the minimum possible levels.

Protection of Biodiversity

The areas where the company operates do not come under a biodiversity protection status. However, the company is a firm believer in the vital importance of nature and biodiversity, and in every case any stresses to the environment that may arise as a result of the operation of the production units remain within the limits stipulated by laws and regulations.

Reliability in Measurements

The company has outsourced the performance of the dust levels measurement around the plant. The results of the measurements show that in all cases dust levels remain within the limits stipulated by laws and regulations. At the same time, levels are constantly measured and recorded at emission points (factory chimneys) through special instruments.

Waste Management

The company implements waste management practices designed to protect the environment. The environmental management of by-products and waste generated in all production units is carried out in accordance with the following basic principles:

  • avoiding generating them,
  • reusing,
  • recycling,
  • optimizing energy use/recovering energy and
  • rational disposal.

Waste management is carried out in cooperation with companies specializing in alternative management systems, which carry the legally required approvals, and with licensed (per waste category) companies specialized in the collection, transportation, management and recovery of waste.

The largest part of the waste generated is directed to recycling and energy recovery, and only a small part heads for disposal.

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