Quality Policy

  • We are implementing Quality System according to EN ISO 9001 requirements
  • We are in compliance with the local & EU legislation
  • We are dedicated to continuous improvement of the efficiency of our Quality System
  • We adhere to the demands of our customers, as well as the legal and technical requirements for the products and services that we provide
  • We seriously take into consideration the feedback from our customers (recommendations, comments, complaints etc.)
  • We set up objective quality aims and we follow the progress
  • We take care that all of our employees are fully informed about their concrete responsibilities regarding quality, and participate fully in the activities for preparation, implementation and evaluation of the quality process
  • We take care that our human resources have the appropriate education, training and information
  • We provide the necessary financial and human resources to support continuous quality improvement
  • We use modern technologies and practices for improvement of our internal working
  • We take care that our processes and methods are in full compliance with the health, safety and environment rules and legislation.
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