Sustainability Policy

Dojran Steel is committed to meet the needs of society by delivering, through its products, and solutions in a reliable, inclusive, and sustainable manner, and in doing so, creating shared value for all stakeholders. 

Dojran Steel commit to operate in a way that creates progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Through this commitment, Dojran Steel seek to help preserve the environmental, social, and economic assets that are fundamental for society and crucial to our long-term value creation. Dojran Steel build on the contribution and development of their employees and fully integrate sustainability in their strategy, business plans, operations, aiming to maximize its positive effect by engaging with all business partners.

Dojran Steel provide solutions and knowledge to the customers and business partners, supporting them to reach their sustainability ambitions directly and indirectly via industry initiatives to improve their sustainability performance. Dojran Steel commit to meet society’s current and future needs by seeking to provide low-carbon, circular and safe products with production operations that respect their employees, social partners, and the environment.

Dojran Steel commit to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and to work against corruption and bribery in all their forms. Dojran Steel have zero tolerance for bribery, fraud, unfair competition, and other types of inappropriate business behaviour. Dojran Steel pledge to uphold sound business practices in their organization and to promote such practices amongst their business partners.

Dojran Steel commit to take action to combat climate change, as well as preserving natural resources that the companies rely on, promote recycling and circular economy to create more sustainable consumption and production, while at the same time seeking to maximize the utilization of secondary raw materials.

Dojran Steel continuously strive to identify opportunities, risks, and sectors of improvement in the entire value chain from different perspectives, climate change, circular economy, resource management, and respect for the environment and biodiversity.

Dojran Steel commit to safeguarding labor and human rights, promote safe working conditions, mental health, and well-being, and providing their employees learning and development opportunities in their line of work.

Dojran Steel commit to treating all people with respect, continue working against discrimination and harassment in all its forms, and to being an inclusive organization which respects individual characteristics such as gender, age, sexual orientation, nationality, religious and political beliefs. Dojran Steel strive to develop their employees to their fullest and to attract new talent to create a diverse and inclusive workforce with the right competencies.

Sustainability and particularly environmental, social and governance issues, have many challenges, risks, and opportunities in constant development. Dojran Steel is committed to report on sustainability policies, targets, achieved progress, and engage with all stakeholders across the value chain to better comprehend how they can continuously improve their sustainability performance by contributing to a more sustainable world.

Accountability and responsibility to act in a socially responsible and sustainable manner is everyone’s responsibility at Dojran Steel. Responsibility for the implementation of this Policy lies with the most senior executive responsible for the company.

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