Welding products

Welding consumables are one of the four main components in the metal welding process. The rest are: the metal items being welded, the heat source, and the shielding means (i.e. gasses/if necessary).
Welding consumables can be grouped in five main categories:

  • Stick electrodes (e.g. SMAW/MMA welding applications),
  • Welding wires,
  • • Solid Wires (e.g. GMAW/MIG/MAG, SAW welding applications),
    • Cored Wires (e.g. FCAW welding applications),

  • Welding rods (e.g. GTAW/TIG applications),
  • Welding fluxes (e.g. SAW welding applications),
  • Other auxiliary and supplementary products (e.g. backing ceramics etc.).

Dojran Steel can deliver high quality and reliable solid welding wires for welding applications (GMAW/MAG).

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